References to studies citing Penn-Century devices can be easily located on internet search engines. To search for references to Penn-Century devices in Google, Google Scholar or other search engines, enter combinations of search terms in lower-case letters, separated by commas when applicable.

Suggested terms for searching for references may include:

  • “penn-century” (always put our name in quotation marks for best results)
  • microsprayer
  • dry powder insufflator
  • pulmonary
  • aerosol
  • (name of drug or material to be administered)
  • (name of disease)
  • (animal model used, or in vitro)

Example: microsprayer, pulmonary, bleomycin, “penn-century”, mouse, idiopathic fibrosis
Example: dry powder insufflator, pulmonary, guinea pig, tuberculosis, “penn-century”

As an experienced researcher, you know best what materials and methods will be most relevant to your own interests. If you are having difficulty finding a reference to a publication that relates to your own research interests, feel free to contact us for suggestions at: We will do our best to respond within 3-5 business days.