Requirements for correctly referring to Penn-Century devices in publications

Penn-Century devices are patented and the names of them are trademarked or registered. We are the sole manufacturer of these devices. If you plan to submit a publication, presentation or patent document, please note the following requirements for correctly referencing our devices:

As a condition of sale, the user agrees that upon publication or presentation of any research conducted using a Penn-Century device, the company name must be correctly referenced as the manufacturer (“Penn-Century. Inc. Wyndmoor, PA”) and our patented devices must be correctly spelled and cited according to our registered trademark and model number as follows:

  • MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer – Model____
  • FMJ-250 High Pressure Syringe
  • Dry Powder Insufflator™ – Model____
  • Small Animal Laryngoscope – Model LS-2

NOTE: Penn-Century’s aerosol-generating devices are based on patented technology. They should not be referred to as a needle, cannula, catheter or in any other way that suggests they are simply a hollow tube.