Penn-Century publications

Hundreds of publications offer a rich resource for pulmonary researchers

To date, Penn-Century’s patented MicroSprayer® Aerosolizers and Dry Powder Insufflators™ have been cited in more than 1,400 peer-reviewed research journals, US and international drug patents, posters, book chapters, abstracts and doctoral theses. These publications offer a valuable resource for those working in the field of pulmonary and aerosol medicine research.

  • Sampling of Publications
    A list of a few of the hundreds of publications about the many drugs, delivery methods and diseases that have been studied using Penn-Century liquid and dry powder devices.
  • Uses and Diseases Studied
    A list of the many and varied applications for Penn-Century aerosol devices.
  • Tips for Searching Online
    Some tips for searching for references to Penn-Century devices.
  • How to Cite Our Devices
    Requirements for correctly referring to Penn-Century devices in publications.