For intratracheal aerosol administration of dry powders from nanoparticles to larger particles.

Dry Powder Insufflator™

Dry Powder Insufflator - Model DP-4

For powder doses up to 5 mg
in Rat, Guinea Pig, or larger animals or in vitro uses

Dry Powder Insufflator™ – Model DP-4

(operates with 3ml plastic commercial air syringe or Penn-Century Air Pump, sold separately)

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Dry Powder Insufflator Air Pump Assembly for Mouse

For powder doses up to 2 mg
in Mouse

Dry Powder Insufflator™ – Model DP-4M

(operates only with Penn-Century Air Pump)

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Air Pump - Model AP-1

For rapid administration of air puffs from 0-5 ml

Air Pump – Model AP-1

NOTE: The Penn-Century Air Pump Model AP-1 has been discontinued due to changes in materials from our suppliers. We are developing a new, hand-held pump, with an spring-loaded thumb button, the Air Pump – Model AP-2, to be announced.
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