The Air Pump – Model AP-1 for a rapid succession of small air “puffs”, adjustable for air pulses from 0-5 ml.

Air Pump - Model AP-1

NOTE: The Penn-Century Air Pump Model AP-1 has been discontinued due to changes in materials from our suppliers. We are developing a new, hand-held pump, with an spring-loaded thumb button, the Air Pump – Model AP-2. It will be designed for rapid application of precise volumes of air to our Dry Powder Insufflator™ Model DP-4 and DP-4M. The new Air Pump will be available after development and testing to assure that it meets the high quality standards of precision and control that users of our devices require. Until the new pump is available, researchers may continue to use the manually-operated 3 ml air syringe that we provide. If you wish additional information, please contact us. We will update this information as we are able.