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A new tool to clear blockages in the tip of your MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer Model IA-1B.

The Penn-Century MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer – Model IA-1B is a unique, air-free atomizer. It generates an aerosol when liquids, solutions or particle suspensions are pushed at high manual pressure through tiny patented aerosolizing components in the tip of the device.

To best maintain the device, it must be cleaned thoroughly after use, according our instructions. However, even with careful regular cleaning, at times, some test materials, dirt or dust can partially or completely block the flow of liquid through the tip. Our standard instructions for cleaning or unblocking the device are usually sufficient to clear it. But if not, a blocked tip can result in costly delays and disruption during an experiment.

The Reverse Cleaning Adapter – RCA-1B was developed by Penn-Century to clear the tip of a blocked or clogged MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer – Model IA-1B. It permits the user to take advantage of the high pressure generated by the 1 ml gas-tight polycarbonate syringe to push solvents or hot water backwards through the MicroSprayer® – that is, in reverse direction from tip to the hub. In most cases, when correct procedure is followed, this process will loosen and force out whatever is blocking (clogging) the tip of the MicroSprayer® and return it to good working condition.

The Reverse Cleaning Adapter – RCA-1B permits the researcher to connect the 1 ml gas-tight polycarbonate syringe to the tip of the MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer – Model IA-1B and to force hot water or solvent backwards – that is, in reverse direction from the tip to the hub.

Before you begin: CAUTIONS!

  1. The RCA-1B Reverse Cleaning Adapter will not work in all cases. In some cases, material may be stuck in position or may have hardened over time, and may not be possible to clear using this Adapter.
  2. This Adapter has been successfully used by Penn-Century’s technical staff for several years, but it requires patience and skill to operate successfully. The right amount of manual force/pressure must be applied to the plunger at the right rate. Otherwise the MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer may be damaged beyond repair.
  3. Read Instructions for Use for additional details:
    Download the Instructions for Use (PDF)