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Commercial 0.5 ml (500 microliter) precision glass instrument syringe with luer-lock fitting. Sterilizable and reusable. This syringe can be used with any MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer Model IA-1B. Syringes are GAS-TIGHT and have a PTFE (Teflon™) plunger tip that creates a tight connection between the syringe barrel and plunger for optimal aerosol performance. Male luer taper with a nickel plated brass hub. Because of its smaller capacity, this syringe may be more suitable for precise administration of single aerosol doses in the range of 100 – 500 microliters when using the MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer Model IA-1B.

  • For doses larger than 500 µl, the device can be removed, refilled and reattached multiple times.
  • NOTE: This syringe cannot be used with the MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer Model IA-1C.