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The Dry Powder Insufflator™ – Model DP-4 has a standard dose volume capacity of 1-5 mg. The 100 mg Sample Chamber Extension (SC-X) is designed to provide additional capacity for larger dose volumes when used with the Dry Powder Insufflator™ – Model DP-4. It is a hollow tube, open at each end. As with all uses of the Dry Powder Insufflator™, multiple pulses of air may be required to expel 100% of the dose sample, depending on the characteristics of the powder and the maximum volume of air that can be administered safely to a particular experimental animal. Users must conduct feasibility studies to determine this information, prior to in vivo use, according to our Instructions for Use of the Dry Powder Insufflator™ – Model DP-4.

Made of chemically resistant PEEK™ plastic (polyetheretherketone).

Sample Chamber ExtensionThe Dry Powder Insufflator™ – Model DP-4 twists open at the center. The user must attach the Sample Chamber Extension first to the Sample Chamber, load it and then reattach the Air Intake portion of the device, prior to use.

Using the Sample Chamber Extension

For complete details, please refer to the Instructions for Use for the Penn-Century Sample Chamber Extension – Model SC-X, and the Instructions for Use for the Penn-Century Dry Powder Insufflator™ – Model DP-4.

Determining safety and feasibility for large dose volumes of powder

The Penn-Century Dry Powder Insufflator™ is the only commercially available, hand-held device for intratracheal administration of dry powders to the lungs. Direct local/regional pulmonary administration of drug formulations in aerosol form has been shown to be far more efficient than respired delivery methods. When correctly performed, it can also provide more precisely quantifiable data on the delivered dose and a more detailed dose response curve.

However, users must understand that reproducible data can be obtained only if the user follows the manufacturer’s instructions for use and care. The Model DP-4 is designed for administration of dose volumes of 1-5 mg. Powders can vary by many other factors besides weight – including density, aerodynamic properties and stickiness, etc. These factors will also affect the performance of the device, especially at larger volumes, as well as the physiological affects to the subject.

There is not one universal dose volume that is safe or feasible to apply in all cases for all drugs using the Penn-Century Dry Powder Insufflator™. For this reason, users MUST conduct feasibility testing to determine if the dose volume they wish to administer for their particular formulation can be successfully aerosolized using repeated puffs of air from the 3 ml air syringe provided that will be sufficient to expel the entire dose in a manner that is repeatable, efficient and safe.

  • To quantify the delivered dose to the test subject, the Dry Powder Insufflator™ and Sample Chamber Extension MUST be weighed on a precision balance before and after loading with powder to verify that it contains the exact dose volume intended.
  • Before in vivo use, the user MUST test feasibility by weighing the device after each pulse of air to determine the total number of pulses that will be required to expel 100% of their particular powder sample. Each pulse of air must be not be exceed the maximum lung capacity or tidal volume of the experimental animal if used.
  • All dry powders have different characteristics and may require more or fewer pulses of air to aerosolize.
  • When doses larger than 5 mg are dispensed, more pulses of air may be needed to dispense 100% of the dose.
  • CAUTION: Repeated small applications of pulses of air to the lungs, or a single application of air that is in excess of the tidal volume of the animal can result in injury. Prior to in vivouse, is the responsibility of the user to proceed in a step-wise way to determine:
    • the appropriate volume setting for each puff of air for the experimental subject
    • the number of puffs of air needed to expel 100% of their dose
    • the maximum number of puffs of air that can be safely administered to avoid injury

For complete details, download our Instructions for Use for the Penn-Century Dry Powder Insufflator™ – Model DP-4.