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Penn-Century offers combination kits for easier, safer, quicker intratracheal aerosol administration in rat using our MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer – Model IA-1C-R and FMJ-250 High Pressure Syringe. Each kit comes with everything needed for use in rat, including our unique Small Animal Laryngoscope for Rat and Intubation Platform for Rat. A combination discount is included. Read each product’s tab for details.

  • MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer for Rat – Model IA-1C-R
  • FMJ-250 High-Pressure Syringe (250-μl capacity)
  • Small Animal Laryngoscope for Rat – Model LS-2-R
  • NEW! Intubation Platform for Rat – Model IPR
  • NEW! Reverse Cleaning Adapter – Model RCA-1C

The MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer – Model IA-1C-R is designed for fast, targeted, air-free intratracheal aerosol administration to rat. The device can be used to administer a precisely quantifiable, highly-concentrated, air-free plume of liquid aerosol directly into the lungs or other locations. It may also be used for intranasal or in vitro applications. It can aerosolize a wide range of liquids or particle solutions/suspensions, including pharmaceutical and biologic formulations, contrast/imaging agents and toxicological materials. (It does not administer dry powders.)

For intrapulmonary applications, the tip of the device is gently inserted down the trachea of the anesthetized animal – near to, but not touching the carina (first bifurcation). The portion that is inserted into the trachea measures 2″. It requires use of Penn-Century’s patented FMJ-250 High Pressure Syringe.

  • Quick, precise aerosol dosing directly to the lungs – with no waste
  • Purely mechanical, air-free technology
  • Uses no heat, propellant, ultrasound or compressed air. No air burden to subject.
  • Unique patented design is light, hand-held, easy to use
  • Rounded tip permits safe, gentle intratracheal insertion
  • Fully sterilizable, autoclavable and reusable
  • Delivers a far higher volume and concentration than is possible with nebulizer/inhalation systems
  • Produces a far broader, more uniform distribution than liquid bolus/droplet instillation methods

Penn-Century’s Small Animal Laryngoscope Model LS-2-R is specifically designed for use in rat. It provides bright, clear illumination for better visualization of the trachea and epiglottis. It makes intratracheal intubation and insertion of Penn-Century’s MicroSprayer® Aerosolizers and Dry Powder Insufflators™ easier, quicker and safer. Each laryngoscope comes with a small, tapered stainless steel blade that is custom-made for use with a specific experimental animal. The blade assembly at the top of the handle is detachable. Additional blade assemblies may be purchased for use with animals of other sizes.

  • Long-lasting fiber-optic LED light source offering clear, bright illumination
  • Easy-grip handle in a curved ergonomic shape that rests in the palm of the hand
  • Handle is coated with non-slip green Santoprene™ rubber
  • Long-lasting illumination. Operates with a 3 volt lithium battery provided
  • Custom-made stainless steel blade tip for holding aside the animal’s tongue
  • Both the handle and detachable blade assembly are sterilizable and autoclavable

Intratracheal intubation in anesthetized rats can pose challenges due to variation in the animal’s size and weight as they age and the difficulty of visualizing the epiglottis.

The Intubation Platform for Rat (IPR) by Penn-Century is a simple, durable, easy-to-use system. It is designed to support an anesthetized rat securely during intratracheal aerosol delivery or intubation procedures. Our solid, sturdy platform adjusts easily as animals grow and is ideal for heavier animals.

Features include:

  • Unique swiveling neck support to straighten and improve access to the trachea.
  • Sliding base to support heavier animals from below.
  • Adjustable posts to secure rats of various sizes and weights.

The platform can be attached to any standard laboratory clamp stand (not provided). Users can freely adjust the platform’s angle and height to optimize it to their own experimental needs.

The Penn-Century MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer – Model IA-1C is a unique, air-free atomizer. It generates an aerosol when liquids, solutions or particle suspensions are pushed at high manual pressure through tiny patented aerosolizing components in the tip of the device.

To best maintain the device, it must be cleaned thoroughly after use, according our instructions. However, even with careful regular cleaning, at times, some test materials, or dirt or dust can partially or completely block the flow of liquid through the tip. Our standard instructions for cleaning or unblocking the device are usually sufficient to clear it. But if not, a blocked tip can result in costly delays and disruption during an experiment.

The High Pressure Reverse Cleaning Adapter – RCA-1C was developed by Penn-Century to clear the tip of a blocked or clogged MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer – Model IA-1C. It permits the user to take advantage of the high pressure generated by the FMJ-250 High Pressure Syringe to push solvents or hot water backwards through the MicroSprayer® – that is, in reverse direction from the tip to the hub. In most cases, when the correct procedure is followed, this process will loosen and force out whatever is blocking (clogging) the tip of the MicroSprayer® and return it to good working condition.