We have retired and closed Penn-Century, Inc.

We are no longer accepting new orders

Penn-Century has always been the only manufacturer and supplier of our patented devices. They are not available from any other source. Our website will remain open as an ongoing source of information about us, our products and the many publications that cite them.

If you have previously purchased our devices:

  • Product support
    If you purchased Penn-Century devices in past, and want current information on how to use and maintain them, click here

For entrepreneurs with relevant expertise and appropriate resources

  • Business inquiries
    If you are interested in acquiring or licensing our existing intellectual property or business assets, click here.

Future notifications

  • Contact List
    In the event that Penn-Century transfers its product know-how to another supplier in the future, and you wish to add your name to an automated contact list, click here

We offer our sincere thanks for your interest in our products and wish you well with your research.