Please use the form below to submit an inquiry regarding a device under warranty. Please note that we check this information only intermittently.

  1. Important: Our one-year product warranty covers only devices that were purchased during the twelve months from December 2014 to December 2015. If you purchased your device before December 2014, it is no longer covered by our warranty.
  2. Damage caused by user is not covered. Our devices go through rigorous quality testing before they are shipped. Manufacturing defects are rare. If your product is not working because it has become worn, blocked or damaged while being used, this does not constitute a manufacturing defect and is not covered by our warranty. Please refer to our Warranty Policy and to our Instructions for Use for further help.
  3. Clearly identify the device and serial number: Please identify the model type and provide the serial number (if there is one) for the product of concern. The serial number has 4 digits. (Example: 2780). It is not the phone number or patent number. You can locate it in the white square label on top or bottom of the plastic box in which the device was shipped. In the case of the MicroSprayer® Aerosolizer Model IA-1C and the FMJ-250 High Pressure Syringe, the serial number is also lasermarked on the surface of the device. (Note: Our Laryngoscopes and Extra Delivery Tubes for Dry Powder Insufflators™ do not have serial numbers.)

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